• The Future of Enterprise Data Management is here.

    We take the core principles of Enterprise Data Management, integrate Cloud, Social and Mobile computing, and evolve organizations to the Next Generation of Data Management.

  • Information Management as a strategy for success.

    Our Information Management Practice comprises Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Integration expertise. Our ability to collect, understand and distribute data is the foundation of our unparalleled set of services.

  • Information Delivery with the power of the cloud.

    Our Information Delivery Practice enhances the core Information Management capability with Cloud, Social and Mobile integration knowledge. Our ability to understand your existing applications and integrate every channel of data underlines our unique capabilities.

  • Information Analysis driving competitive advantage.

    Our Information Analysis Practice comprises Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Predictive Analytics and Big Data capabilities. Our ability to use data we have collected from your business to generate insights completes our core methodology.


We are a specialized consulting solutions company, formed to help companies with the growing volume, velocity and variety of data.


We are a leader of data-driven change, with specific expertise in driving cost out of operations and enabling Cloud computing opportunities.


We will simplify the conversation, we will leverage your existing investments in people and technology, and we will execute.

Imidia in the News & Upcoming Events

MedPro Systems announces collaboration with iMiDiA to Offer an Enhanced Integration into the Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform

The combined offering will increase MedPro’s HCP & HCO data delivery & updates for MedPro /Reltio customers

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iMiDiA: Kindling the Next-Gen Data-Driven Programs

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Come join iMiDiA at Reltio's DataDriven 2018 Conference

Data Drives Digital Customer Experience

ClubCorp and it’s solutions partner, iMiDiA, will present how ClubCorp is driving value by enhancing and improving the club member/customer experience with a mobile reservation application made possible with a Data Foundation powered by Reltio.

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Imidia is excited to announce
it's partnership with Paxata.

Paxata provides an Adaptive Information Platform that enables business analysts with an enterprise-grade, self-service data preparation system to support the on-demand and ad-hoc business data needs for analytics, operations and regulatory requirements.

Business analysts work within an intuitive, visual application to access, explore, shape, collaborate and publish data with clicks, not code, with complete governance and security.

Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform will contribute to iMiDiA's ability to support their client's Master Data Management and Big Data programs by significantly accelerating the time needed to spend to explore, clean, and prepare new data sources and improving the quality of information and insights.

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Modern Data Management

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