About Our Company

We provide services to help Manage, Deliver and Analyze the explosion of information. We understand the key to success will not just be collecting, processing or mining the data but converting that information in to actionable insights in a near real-time manner.



We are a specialized consulting services and solutions company, founded in 2011 to help companies deal with the growing volume, velocity and variety of data. We are founded on the core principles of data management and are now integrating that into our customers Cloud, Social and Mobile strategies.

Our iNFO3 ™ Methodology takes the management, delivery and analysis of information, combines this with people, process and technology deployed in organizations, and finds the most cost effective approach to managing information in support of both strategic and tactical goals.

We shorten the lifecycle from strategy to implementation using an iterative approach that leverages existing company resources to own and deliver IT services. This model not only meets the objectives of cost reduction and growth with stability, but also elevates the partnership IT has with the business providing a solid foundation for the future.

Our Corporate office is in Houston, Texas. We have an offshore development center in Kolkata, India. We will continue to expand as necessary to meet the global demands of our customers.