Our Partners

Primarily a technology agnostic company, we do have carefully selected services and software partnerships with companies that compliment our existing capabilities.

With Reltio's modern data platform, businesses can power their transformation with connected customer data to drive hyper-personalization at scale, accelerate real-time operations at scale and simplify compliance with customer consent and privacy laws at scale.

Turn Your Data into Knowledge. Make better decisions by bringing real-world context to your data. Unify your data with a Knowledge Graph. With Stardog you can Unify data of any structure, easily incorporate new sources and slice and dice data for multiple use cases. 

Profisee is a master data management software company making it easy and affordable for companies of all sizes, to build a trusted foundation of data across the enterprise. 


Intelligent Integration Platform.  snapLogic provides breakthrough integration for a digital hybrid world. Empower business users and IT faster - with intuitive, scalable, and connected integration. 

Paxata provides a self-service data preparation solution for business and technical teams to visually clean, integrate and govern data at scale.