We are living in a much more connected world. With the spread of social platforms and mobile technologies, people are creating, consuming and sharing information in massive volumes. This data is being created every minute of the day through the most innocuous online activity that many of us barely even notice.

Information Delivery

Our Information Delivery Practice is designed to meet growing demands for “anytime, anywhere” access to enterprise data by making it easier to share more information with more people – executives, managers, employees, customers, and business partners. 



Companies already struggling to integrate fragmented data silos are finding this further complicated today because the integration of that data needs to be between Cloud and On-Premise applications. The ability to execute in the time end-users demand, adds another dimension of complexity that organizations have to address.

MiDiA has invested time researching these challenges and working with various software integration vendors, so we can develop an approach to integration between on-premise and cloud applications in support of our clients.


Today, the concept of Hybrid IT comes into effect, which is an approach to enterprise computing in which an organization provides and manages some information technology resources in-house but uses cloud-based services for others. A hybrid approach allows an enterprise to maintain a centralized approach to IT governance, whilst adopting Cloud computing.

As cloud technology adoption increases and the complexity and volume of data continues to grow, we believe you will need our expert services to integrate this data throughout the organization in a cost effective and timely manner.



Social Media is not a Fad anymore it is now part of mainstream channels to reach your customers; almost all Fortune 500 companies are present on more than 3 different social networks in different capacities. The global Internet population grew 6.59% from 2010 to 2011 and now represents 2.1 billion people. 

As companies continue to engage and connect with its target audiences on social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) as part of the marketing, customer relations and public relations efforts, they want to move to the next level by understanding the semantics of the conversation either directly to the brand or about the brand. 

The winning strategy here is to understand the evolving behavioral patters customers are demonstrating throughout the purchase funnel and through predictive analytics to become hyper-targeted in your offerings. 

iMiDiA provides a range of services to strengthen your enterprise strategy on emerging social channels.

  • Omni-Channel Digital Strategy (Web, Social, Mobile)
  • Social Listening
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Customer Online Behavioral Patterns



Smart phone adoption among people is creating new touch points for retailers and companies to connect with the customer during the shopping trip.  It is that “on-the-go’ access of information that tremendously influences purchasing behavior of these consumers. 

The next generation of smartphones is going to be context-aware, taking advantage of the growing availability of embedded physical sensors and data exchange abilities, and almost all industries are in the experimentation phase within the mobile space. 

We understand that mobile technology will become an integral part of any company’s digital strategy. At iMiDiA we provide strategic consulting services by understanding the maturity of any organization within the mobile space. Some of the specific solutions and services related to Mobile Technology at iMiDiA:

  • Mobile Strategy & Technology Vendor Evaluation
  • Mobile Channel Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Mobile Channel Risk Management