Information Management

Advances in information technology and a complete datafication of our world now means we will have data and insights on everything. With that comes a responsibility to collect, understand and distribute that data within your organization.

Information Management

Our Information Management Practice comprises Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Integration expertise.



Poor data quality continues to impact business processes and technology investments. Our experts build data quality into the implementation to form an ongoing view of ‘The State of the Data’ to both business and IT teams. This enables us to rapidly accelerate technology deployments and also build increasing business user adoption into the process.


The ability to collect, aggregate, match and consolidate master data is a key component of managing data effectively. Our experience in both single and multi-domain implementations is extensive and when coupled with our change management methodology allows us to accelerate customer’s journeys significantly.



Data Governance is now a critical part of any good Information Strategy. Our experts have worked with both business and IT people alike to build agile methods to guide continued improvement and ownership of data. It is this ownership that drives good decision-making at all levels of the organization.


Expertize in the movement of data between processes and applications are essential and often under-estimated. It drives a large part of the cost of any systems implementation and therefore an ability to do this with quality and agility becomes an increasing capability many companies need expertize in. By adding a focus on Cloud Services integration, we believe we have an industry leading capability in this area.